6 Time Saving Advantages of Pyrogel & Cryogel in Turnarounds 

Turnarounds and maintenance events are challenging. Repairs, inspections, and replacements must happen within a tight timeframe.

Inevitably, thermal insulation or passive fire protection needs to be removed and replaced to complete these tasks—usually at the end of the turnaround process when your schedule is under the most pressure.

Can your choice of insulation help keep your maintenance plan on schedule by delivering:

  • Increased productivity, especially on large bore pipes and vessels
  • Faster installation
  • Avoid weather-induced delays
  • Resolving mechanical clashes
  • Earlier handover 
  • A way to avoid delays

Download this guide to learn about six time-saving advantages of Pyrogel® and Cryogel® aerogel blanket insulation in turnarounds.  


Refinery-Turnaround.jpg"The last thing you need is to fall behind schedule because of your mechanical insulation."