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Typical Thermal Insulation Impacts on Capital Project Delivery

of Total Project Cost
Of Project Labor
Project Schedule

Thermal insulation and fire proofing is typically applied at the end of a project meaning that any delays can have a negative impact on project success. For over 20 years Pyrogel® and Cryogel® have been used to recover project insulation schedule on a range of large capital projects. 

With a proven track record of increased labor productivity and faster installations, owners and EPCs now specify Pyrogel and Cryogel to avoid schedule delays in the first place.  No matter what stage your project is at, from concept through construction and commissioning, our team is available to assist.

Brian McLelland, Director of Global Projects at Aspen Aerogels

Brian McLelland,
Director, Global Projects


Our Global Team is Dedicated to Supporting You, No Matter Where You Are in the World

Justin Rispoli - new

Justin Rispoli,
Global Projects Sales Manager

Robin Hoo, Director of Global Projects (Asia) for Aspen Aerogels

Robin Hoo,
Director, Global Projects (Asia)

John Williams, VP of Technical Services and Marketing at Aspen Aerogels

John Williams,
VP, Tech Services & Marketing

“Constructability” — The ability to de-risk the insulation phase of a major project by reducing duration, expense and avoiding re-work.

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Thinner. Tougher. Faster. Drier.

Over the last two decades, Aspen Aerogels has earned a reputation for solving thermal insulation’s toughest challenges. Our core aerogel technology, matched to a versatile blanket format, has powered our progression from problem solving niche to whole facility applications, entirely based on our ability to save time, reduce project as well as operating expenses and assure asset performance.

Cryogel Z at LNG facility

Cryogel Z

  • Cold Conservation
  • Passive Pool Fire Protection
  • Passive Jet Fire Protection
  • Cold Spill Protection
  • Acoustic Attenuation
  • Combined Service
Pyrogel XTE on Amine Still

Pyrogel XTE

  • Heat Conservation <400°C
  • Class-Leading CUI Defense
  • Medium-Pressure Steam
Pyrogel HPS

Pyrogel HPS

  • Heat Conservation >400°C
  • High-Pressure Steam
  • Coking and Cracking Applications
Pyrogel XTF

Pyrogel XTF

  • Passive Pool Fire Protection
  • Passive Jet Fire Protection
  • CUF Defense
  • Combined Service

Are you responsible for the acoustic attenuation of hot and cryogenic equipment? Request our plug-and-play acoustic design calculator.

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De-risk the insulation phase of a major project by reducing duration, expense and avoiding re-work with Cryogel and Pyrogel based solutions.

Our dedicated, multi-disciplinary team is available to support the Owner, EPC and Contracting community globally. From concept to operation, whether modular or stick built, our global team is available to assist with design, construction and whole life-cycle support services.

Concept & Pre-FEED Stage of Capital Project

Concept &

  • Design Analysis (FEA)
  • Critical Path Optimization
  • Estimating
  • Construction Concept Planning
FEED Stage of Capital Project


  • Thickness Tables
  • Specification Redlining
  • Acoustic Design
  • Passive Fire Protection
  • Combined Service Design
Detailed Engineering Stage of Capital Project


  • Drawings
  • Material Take-Offs
  • Insulation Details


Pre-Fabrication Stage of Capital Project | Amine Still

Pre-Fabrication |

  • Design Considerations
  • Fabricator Support


Onsite Construction Stage of Capital Project


  • Contractor Training
  • Supply Chain Support


Commissioning and Start-Up Stage of Capital Project

Commissioning |

  • Owner Training
  • Maintenance & TAR Support


Technical Videos

Cold spill and jet fire webinar thumbnail

Superior Cold Spill & Jet Fire Protections - System Benefits for Marine & Onshore Assets

Duration: 17 Minutes

This on-demand webinar will be of interest to owners and EPC engineers looking to specify combined services protections, including jet fire protection for onshore and marine hydrocarbon processing assets. 

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Cryogel on pipe thumbnail v6

Acoustic Design Tools for Engineers and LNG Cold Acoustic Benefits

Duration: 20 Minutes
Learn how to use our plug-and-play acoustic design calculator as well as explore the role of Cryogel Z in simplifying cold acoustic solutions for LNG service. ®

Watch Now →

Jet Fire Testing Thumbnail v3

Passive Fire Protection with Cryogel® & Pyrogel®

Duration: 17 Minutes

Director of Technical Services, Mark Krajewski examines API 521 and NFPA 30 standards, focusing on the impact of and requirements for insulation when sizing pressure-relieving and depressurizing systems. 

Watch Now →

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