Acoustic Design Tools for Engineers & LNG Cold Acoustic Benefits Webinar

Are you responsible for the acoustic attenuation of hot and cryogenic equipment?

Aspen Aerogel's technical services team has translated almost a decade of data and testing into an easy-to-use acoustic design calculator. In this on-demand webinar, you will learn how to use this plug-and-play calculation tool as well as explore the role of Cryogel® Z in simplifying cold acoustic solutions for LNG service. 

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Calculation tool available upon request for all registrants.

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Mark Krajewski, Director of Technical Services at Aspen Aerogels

Mark Krajewski   
Director of Technical Services,

Mark received his BS in Chemical Engineering from Northeastern University in 1988; he earned an MBA from Babson College in 2003 with a concentration in Managing the Technology Intensive Enterprise. Before Aspen, his professional career focused on materials related product development activities in the area of carrier-borne polymeric coating formulation, application, and coated substrate product design. Mr. Krajewski joined Aspen Aerogels in 2003 to help integrate their super insulation technology into clients' products. He has held several positions with Aspen Aerogels, Inc. as Director of Technical Services; he works directly with Engineers and End-users helping them solve their toughest process and corrosion under insulation related problems.