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Pyrogel® for CUI Defense

Thermal aerogel blanket insulation that's engineered to keep your assets drier for longer, preventing CUI and protecting processes.


If you’re wondering how to defend against CUI and combat the costly problems that it creates, you should know that your choice of insulation is critical. Wet insulation not only causes CUI, but can also result in unplanned downtime, higher steam demands, process instability, safety incidents, sub-optimal yields, lower production rates, and a host of other negative impacts to your facility. Get it right and you’ll prevent CUI while saving time and money over the life of your assets. Read on to explore our CUI defense capabilities and solutions.
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pyrogel for cui prevention
Pyrogel for CUI Defense
HuChems Facility
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Meet Pyrogel: Aerogel Blanket Insulation for CUI defense

Engineered for Asset Protection & Process Stability

Pyrogel for CUI Defense  

Pyrogel is a flexible, high-performance, silica aerogel blanket insulation designed for use in high temperature industrial and commercial applications. Engineered to deliver superior thermal performance while offering excellent protection against CUI, hydrophobic, breathable Pyrogel ensures long-lasting water resistance for both the insulation layer and underlying assets. Proven to maintain performance in the harshest of environments, Pyrogel keeps your assets drier for longer, preserving process conditions, and saving energy. This is why industry leaders choose Pyrogel for CUI defense. 

Pyrogel for CUI Defense: Features & Advantages

hydrophobic Pyrogel aerogel insulation


Hydrophobicity is the state of repelling water or resisting wetness—a core component in CUI prevention. Pyrogel’s inherent hydrophobicity keeps liquid water at bay in your facility. Plus, since Pyrogel doesn’t absorb water, insulation weight—and, therefore, pipe and asset weight—stays stable. 

Lightening striking refinery


Pyrogel is hydrophobic by nature. But, water is tenacious. In the event it finds a way in, Pyrogel’s open-cell construction allows vapor to quickly exit, acting as a non-return valve for liquid moisture. So, pipes and assets will quickly dry out, preventing CUI. 

Pony Rolls of Pyrogel in Pickup Truck

Robust Resilience. 

Pyrogel, although flexible, is stiff in compression and offers excellent spring back. In fact, Pyrogel recovers even after major compression events. So, worries about  vibration, tool strikes, footfalls, and expansion-contraction cycles are a thing of the past.

Pyrogel XTE installation on elbow


A single layer of Pyrogel can protect any asset in the facility when watershed is placed at the 6 o’clock position. When multiple layers are required, water penetration is nearly impossible due to water’s tortuous path through the aerogel structure.

Damaged jacketing

Simplified Maintenance.

Jacketing damage – and, therefore, CUI – is often found near frequently serviced flanges. Pyrogel’s robust thermal efficiency and thin profile can provide a finished diameter that is smaller than the flange’s bolt circle—enabling insulators to run right up to the flange face, and operators to service exchangers, vessel heads, and piping connections—without damaging the adjacent insulation.

Example of Chemical Corrosion

Chemical Corrosion Mitigation.

While eliminating moisture-against-metal is the first line of defense in any CUI prevention strategy, corrosion inhibitors can be a useful backup. Pyrogel is designed with corrosion inhibitors, so that water entering the system will be buffered to a pH > 7 for carbon steel. In addition, Pyrogel is in the “acceptable” range of the Karn’s Curve (C795) for Austenitic Stainless Steel, and is suitable for use in systems including stainless steel materials.

HUCHEMS Inspection

Faster, Less Costly CUI Inspections.

While rigid insulations often crumble once jacketing is removed, sections of Pyrogel and jacketing can be easily removed and often reused, saving you the cost of purchasing new insulation—making inspection and maintenance cycles are faster and simpler, and letting you stretch your inspection budget further.

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CUI defense is just one tactical area in which Pyrogel excels. Find out more about Pyrogel and peruse product and technical information.

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Corrosion on pipe

Wet Insulation is Not the Only Cause of Corrosion on Pipes and Assets.

Wet fireproofing material can also cause corrosion in your facility. Pyrogel XTF offers powerful defense against corrosion under fireproofing (CUF). If you're experiencing CUF issues, contact us today, or click below to see if Pyrogel XTF is a fit for your facility.

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Success Stories

Success Stories  

Pyrogel has been implemented as part of CUI defense strategies for refineries, petrochemical plants, and more major production plants and facilities worldwide. The benefits experienced by these facilities extend beyond keeping insulation dry. Below you'll find several success stories and the benefits realized by choosing Pyrogel. Want to know how we can help you? Contact us today.
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FLIR Process stability of Pyrogel

Process Stability: Lower Steam Generation Costs

SITE: South American Petrochemical Complex
Persistently wet insulation resulted in aggressive corrosion under insulation (CUI) on a high-pressure steam line. Massive heat loss during rain events led to steam sheds and process shutdowns. Pyrogel® was selected to replace water absorbent mineral wool and calcium silicate insulation. Now, Pyrogel keeps the steam line dry and operating efficiently, supporting downstream process stability, process efficiency, and energy savings in even the most challenging environment.
BENEFIT: Approximately $1,300,000 in annual energy savings was achieved through the avoidance of degraded insulation.

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HuChems Facility

Faster Application: Support Earlier Unit Restarts

SITE: Coastal Petrochemical Facility in South Asia
Coastal Petrochemical Facility in South Asia Pyrogel and Cryogel® Z were selected to re-insulate a South Asian petrochemical complex. High levels of rainfall and an exposed coastal site led to devastating CUI, requiring a total strip, treat and re-insulation program.
BENEFIT: By keeping their assets drier for longer, the facility reduced its risk of CUI while improving process stability and lowering operating costs.

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inspecting refinery

Faster Application: Sustained Thermal Protection

SITE: Aluminium Refinery in Australia
Pyrogel was selected for heat conservation service in an aluminum refinery using the tube digestion process. An aggressive environment and process conditions led to accelerated CUI under the incumbent mineral wool, despite the 300°C process. Pyrogel’s sustained thermal protection in a challenging environment supports better process control, reduced energy costs and maintenance interventions.
BENEFIT: Site management can now focus on operational performance without fear of process instability during rain events.

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