Solving LNG's Toughest Insulation Challenges


Aspen Aerogels can help you win against your toughest insulation challenges.

For almost two decades Aspen Aerogels has built a reputation for resolving thermal insulation’s toughest challenges. When it gets too cold, too hot, too wet or too tough for traditional thermal insulations, Pyrogel® and Cryogel® insulations have excelled, demonstrating real benefits for Owners, EPCs and Contractors.

Cryogel's unique technology avoids the need for costly, complex expansion joints on LNG projects, simplifying installation methods and boosting labor productivity, up to 40% faster than rigid insulation on large bore pipes and vessels. Whether your need is to restore normal process conditions or de-risk the insulation phase of a major project—choose Cryogel. 

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John Williams, VP of Technical Services, Aspen Aerogels presented this paper at Gastech 2019. Now you can download it:

Williams Gastech Article LP


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2019 saw the team at Aspen Aerogels secure our largest LNG insulation contract, the Nong Fab extension at PTT LNG in Rayong, Thailand. This project features the largest jetty line ever considered for an LNG import terminal and adds another milestone to the adoption of our Cryogel Z insulation within the global LNG community.

Our theme at Gastech 2019 was De-Risking Major LNG Projects. Sixteen of the last 23 liquefaction terminals constructed have used Cryogel to address problem areas. Twelve of those projects used Cryogel to resolve insulation schedule delays. Our Global Projects team would be delighted to explore the details behind this track record with you. 

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Cryogel® accelerates construction and reduces project risk. Safeguard the success of your next LNG project with Cryogel.

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John Williams, VP Tech Services, Aspen Aerogels, Inc., discusses a recent case study in Southeast Asia for insulation an LNG import terminal with flexible aerogel blanket materials.

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Over the past decade, Cryogel® Z has been successfully installed across a range of demanding LNG applications, on and offshore, providing cold conservation, acoustic insulation, and protection against pool fires, jet fires and cold splash. Download this article to learn more about our 5-in-1 insulation for LNG.

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Its About Time LNG Article 9-2019

As insulation paramedics, Aspen Aerogels has had a unique perspective on LNG project completions and commissioning. Parachuting into the final months of one project after another, year after year, eventually begged the question: what would happen if a plant were designed around Cryogel® insulation from the outset?

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