Thermal Runaway Barriers

Ultra-thin aerogel blanket solutions to prevent thermal runaway

Battery Module Fire Protections

Non-Combustible Thermal Insulations

Ultra-Thin Non-Combustible Thermal Protection for Buildings, Transportation & OEM

Protect Better without the Bulk

Aerospace Solutions

Thermal Management Solutions for launch vehicle and payload systems

Energy Storage

Carbon Hybrid Aerogel Technology - nanostructured anode solutions for increased energy density and reduced charge times

Your partner for aerogel based solutions

Through innovation and collaboration partnerships, Aspen’s Research & Development Team has been working with various government agencies and industry for over 20 years to commercialize aerogel products.  We have developed numerous aerogel materials that meet the rigorous demands of ultra-high temperature applications, cryogenic applications and everything in between.  Our flexible blanket aerogel insulation has been integrated into industrial, military, aerospace, building and construction, apparel and OEM applications since 2001.  Our installed thermal insulation product base is over 300 million square feet around the globe.  New uses and demanding environments continue to push the performance demands for our materials, creating development opportunities for new form factors and application solutions.  Specialty focus areas include custom designed and validated nanoporous materials solutions for an array of markets:

  • Thermal and passive fire protection (aerospace, marine, military, building and construction)
  • Thermal Runaway Mitigation for Electric Vehicle and Li-ion battery systems
  • Acoustic barriers
  • Lightweight structural materials
  • Energy storage materials
  • Low dielectric materials and electrical insulation
  • Clothing insulation
  • Special apparel systems (survival suits, diving suits, aerospace)

Our team of scientists and engineers work closely with our partners to fully understand application requirements and to guide advancements for tomorrow’s aerogel materials. If you are interested in partnering with us, please use the action form link below.  

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Applying our Aerogel Technology Platform to Solve Global Challenges
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Advanced Thermal Protections
For Land, Sea, and Air


Specialty lightweight materials for a myriad of demanding applications.

Hybrid Aerogel Solutions
For Lower Cost Carbon Capture


Innovative materials for carbon dioxide (and other) gas capture from emissions to direct air capture.

Ultra-Thin Passive Fire Protections
For Buildings & First Responders

Fire Protection for Buildings

Non-combustible superinsulation materials that are breathable and water repellent.

Water Purification & Desalination
Hybrid Silica and Carbon Aerogels

Water Management

Water purification from reusable oil spill sorbents to selective organics removal and capacitive deionization.

Powered by our Aerogel Technology Platform (ATP)

Over the last 20 years, Aspen Aerogels has acquired advanced technical expertise in nanoporous aerogel composite product design and manufacturing processes.  We have over 200 patents granted or pending. Our scientists, engineers and manufacturing personnel have gained invaluable experience in this time – from bench scale to full industrial scale.   With a significant and increasing amount of investment over time in our full scale pilot plant, we have the capability to scale up next generation products and manufacturing processes as well as the capability to make many of our legacy products under our new Specialty Engineered Materials business initiative.  These resources and more can be drawn upon to ensure innovative and successful collaborative efforts with corporate, government and academic entities.

Spotlight on Current Research Projects
Carbon Aerogel puck and granulate
Aspen’s carbon aerogel platform enables the use of higher energy density materials in storage systems

Energy Storage Materials

Carbon Aerogels

Energy storage systems require new material innovation to harness and distribute energy from sustainable sources and to power the electrification of mobility.  Despite this critical need, few material innovations reach production levels due to the challenges of reliably and safely incorporating more energy dense materials into energy storage systems.   Aspen believes it has an answer that will dramatically change industry roadmaps and create enormous value.   Since 2003, Aspen has been developing a new carbon (rather than silica) based aerogel platform which is electrically conductive, mechanically robust and exhibits a unique porous nanostructure that allows it to host a variety of challenging battery material systems.

Aerogel Glazing Units


Transparent aerogels or frozen smoke? The latter might be the signature “look” for a silica aerogel panel on the internet, but it leaves a lot to be desired for seeing through. One of the most challenging applications for aerogel materials is for window glazings where perfect color, low haze, high clarity, and strong light transmission are prized. Aspen has been developing hydrophobic silica aerogel chemistries that can meet the demands of the human eye for building applications. One approach is to fabricate transparent aerogel monolith between window glass to make an integrated panel. Silica aerogel materials can be compelling for this application if haze values are 1% or less and light transmission values of the aerogel fraction equal to or better than window glass. This is possible because silica aerogel materials are not reflective. The major challenge is manufacturing scale-up of large panels of transparent silica aerogel, and Aspen is working diligently to solve many of the underlying issues.

Aerogel Integrated Glazing Unit
Pyrogel AWI
Ultra-Thin Insulation that Powers Technology

Ultra-Thin Aerogel Insulations

Ultra-Thin aerogel Insulation for thermal management applications

Nanoporous aerogel materials can be formulated with various heat blocking additives to make incredibly efficient and effective thermal insulation. Aspen’s expertise in designing and manufacturing, thin and flexible aerogel composites has been brought to bear on a new line of insulation for highly demanding applications: Pyrogel AWI. This product is manufactured in thicknesses as low as 0.7 mm thick with very tight thickness control and with a high degree of flexibility and conformability. The thermal resistance as a function of temperature up to 650ºC is exceptional. Aspen can manufacture this product at small scale or customize thickness and formulation to meet your most demanding application environments.

electric vehicle 6x4

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles and battery technology are striving to increase energy density, while improving safety. Pyrogel AWI, requires minimal space for installation, and can be placed between lithium ion battery cells to help mitigate thermal runaway propagation within the battery pack.

oven 6x4


Pyrogel AWI enables space-saving design, thermal protection, and Passive Fire Protection for today's modern appliances.

sensor line 6x4

Sensor Lines

The world runs on sensors. Pyrogel AWI enables space savings and improve accuracy in sensor lines for groundbreaking applications.

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Pyrogel AWI enables lightweight cabin insulation to maximize space and decrease fuel consumption.

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