Keep It Dry | Prevent CUI

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Keep it dry and defend against CUI. The world’s leading refining, petrochemical and industrial facilities turn to Pyrogel® XTE to protect their assets against CUI.

Pyrogel’s unique performance means that your assets are kept drier for longer, minimizing the risk of CUI and protecting your process and profitability against the impacts of wet and damaged insulation. Users benefit not only from a reduced risk of CUI, but also report better process resiliency and stability—critical requirements for profitability. Aspen Aerogels and Pyrogel are your partners in CUI defense.

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Protect Your Assets

Superior Asset Protection

Pyrogel resists the main enemies of insulation: heat, water and mechanical abuse. Protect your two most important assets—your people and your plant—better and for longer.
Enhanced Process Stability

Enhanced Process Stability

Pyrogel insulation provides superior thermal performance and resilient protection. Reduced energy costs and support more efficient and consistent process control regardless of weather conditions.

Save Money Through Re-Use

Pyrogel is easily removed for inspection and maintenance and can be reused in original service. Reduce downtime and eliminate unplanned insulation replacement costs.

Water: The Enemy of Insulation

Sometimes the impact of wet insulation on your piping and equipment is obvious. Other times, it's harder to see, but the damage is just as bad. Watch to see what wet insulation can do and learn how you can defend against the havoc caused by water.