Burner Can Pads

Eliminate Clashes, Protect Better, Install Faster & Last Longer

Gas turbines are complex pieces of equipment and the burner can area is typically the most mechanically constrained area – and that’s before insulation is even installed. Add 4-10” of fibrous insulation blankets and you’re in for a long and arduous installation, which is usually on the critical path to startup after an outage. Sometimes you cannot even fit the as-designed thickness of insulation in a specific area which can lead to over-temping, melting, burning or otherwise damaging sensitive equipment that surrounds the turbine.

Pyrogel HPS removable blankets are 1/3 the thickness and half the weight of fibrous insulation blankets, which makes them easier to fit in and around the mechanical constraints of the burner can area. Easier to fit means faster to install – which saves you both time and money. At 1/3 the thickness for the as-designed thermal protection, your sensitive and expensive equipment will also be kept nice and cool next to the hot turbine.

A detailed project profile on this outage application can be found here