Heavy Fuel Oil Transfer Lines

Superior Flow Assurance & Corrosion Protection with Pyrogel

Continuity of operation is a key driver for electricity generation facilities. Fuel-source diversification is a key part of this effort and heavy fuel oil (HFO) is a common primary or secondary fuel used to ensure an asset can deliver power when needed by the grid. Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) is typically transferred around the site in piping that runs at of 85F-140F (30C-60C), is at grade or sometimes buried, and is often heat traced and/or insulated. With an insulation material that can readily absorb water, these factors are quite harmful to both the thermal performance of the insulation system and to the exterior of the pipe itself.

Wet insulation is a terrible insulator, depending on material and level of saturation the impact can range from 50-500 times worse than designed thermal performance, and water held against a pipe at these temperatures can cause corrosion under insulation. 

Pyrogel is a hydrophobic, yet breathable insulation material that does not absorb liquid water but will allow moisture vapor to escape after a flooding scenario. It will keep your HFO transfer pipes dry, even when the jacketing system has become compromised. Dry insulation performs as designed. Keep your HFO lines running worry-free with Pyrogel technology.



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