High Energy Piping

Using multi-layer rigid insulation?
Save Money with versatile Pyrogel.

If your specification calls for a multi-layer, rigid insulation material for your high-energy piping and equipment, you should take a second look at the cost and quality of the system. Rigid insulation systems are, by nature, inflexible – inflexible to different pipe sizes:  a 6” piece must fit a 6” pipe. They are heavy, cumbersome and susceptible to breakage in shipment (vibration, carton movement/jostling), during installation (dropping) and operation (footfall traffic). These factors elevate the man-hours required for installation, decrease the yield of good product that actually gets on the pipe and create an overly complex logistic scenario during installation, “now where is that carton of 12” x 2.5” insulation, the Plant Manager is looking at their watch and that is the last piece I need to finish this insulation work, no other pieces will fit.”

Having a durable insulation product that is also light and flexible can have a significant benefit to the aforementioned challenges. Pyrogel has the durability to be dropped off the back of a truck and still be installed. Cut up one roll of Pyrogel to fit any size or shape of piping or equipment on your plant – never worry about extra or missing insulation again. It is light enough to be carried up into scaffolding and thin enough to insulate 60% more piping per volume than rigid insulation – that’s a lot less lugging around a job site. Pyrogel also installs faster, reducing man-hours, which reduces the cost and schedule of your job. Lastly, Pyrogel is mechanically durable enough to withstand footfall traffic without breaking or crushing – so put it in your high-traffic areas and go to work!


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