Up Against a Tight Schedule? Save Time with Pyrogel.

Faster installations, reduced schedule risk

Insulation makes up less than 1% of the cost of a new combined-cycle power plant, but its installation can span 30% of the construction schedule. The necessity of waiting for pipe to be installed, welded, inspected, and released means this work is always compressed toward the end of the project. Whether construction is stick-built or modular, some part of the insulation scope will always be on the critical path.

Pyrogel saves time because: 1) Its water repellent nature makes it insensitive to weather conditions or rain-outs; 2) In contrast to the hundreds of unique part numbers required for rigid pipe cover, one roll of Pyrogel can insulate any piece of piping or equipment in the plant; 3) Pyrogel requires 90% less shipping and storage volume, greatly simplifying material handling and freeing up labor; 4) As a flexible blanket material, Pyrogel never breaks or needs piecing together; 5) With 85% less packaging waste, less time is needed for housekeeping.

 When it comes to making decisions about your insulation, perhaps you should think less about how much, and more about how long.