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Pyrogel® Pony Rolls™

 Pony Roll Q & A

Q: What are Pony Rolls? 

A: Pony Rolls are convenient 80 ft2 (7.4 m2) sized rolls of Pyrogel XTE 10 mm or Pyrogel HPS 10 mm.

Q: Why would I use Pony Rolls? 

A:  Pony Rolls give you all the benefits of Pyrogel in an easy to handle format. Their size makes them easy to carry at 45lbs (20kg) and faster to cut on the jobsite. They can be installed by one person which gives you even greater productivity on pipe and fittings. 

Q: What can I use Pony Rolls for?

A: Pony Rolls give you the greatest benefit in tight spaces like pipe racks, tunnels and vaults. They are also excellent for offshore work, small maintenance jobs, and for follow-up after large maintenance events. 

Q: Where can I get Pony Rolls?

A: Pony Rolls can purchased through your local insulation distribution outlets.  

Q: I want more information, who do I contact?

A: To get information like pricing and availability, or if you have questions related to the product, please fill out the form on the right.

Sharing information about Pyrogel Pony Rolls is also easy. Simply download the Pony Roll product flyer.



Driving value in industrial facilities by providing:
  • Unmatched CUI defense
  • Enhanced process stability
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Simplified logistics
  • Space-saving design

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Get more information About Pony Rolls

Read the official product launch announcement, or watch the Introduction to Pyrogel Pony Rolls video.