Thermal & Fire Protection
for Li-ion Batteries with PyroThin™

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Thermal and Fire Protection for Electric Vehicles 

PyroThinTM, our new generation of ultra-thin flexible aerogel thermal barriers has been engineered to satisfy the needs of the electric vehicle industry. With thicknesses ranging from 2 mm to 5 mm, this new platform of silica aerogel materials can be tailored to perform in critical applications including:

Aspen Aerogel's 20 year heritage is rooted in solving severely space constrained heat shielding, insulation, and fire barrier challenges for technology leaders such as NASA and BASF, as well as leading aerospace, oil, gas, and chemical companies.

PyroThin XTB Bench Test

Thermal and Fire Protection 

Powered by our Aerogel Technology Platform, our materials have been engineered to protect in the harshest of environments.

Placed between cells, our PyroThin thermal barriers provide precious minutes of protection from thermal runaway propagation. When used to line battery modules, or under the pack cover, PyroThin can help protect occupants from the hazards caused by thermal runaway, and help you meet your regulatory and mandated egress requirements.

PyroThin™ Aerogel Thermal Barriers

Below are photographs of standard samples.Contact us for additional thickness requests.

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Pyrothin XTB - Insulation for Thermal Runaway

PyroThin XTB

Developed to address the needs of the electric vehicle industry, PyroThin XTB (3 mm) is designed to deliver class leading thermal and fire protection in space challenged applications.  

Pyrothin ATB 100 - Insulation for Thermal Runaway

PyroThin™ ATB100

PyroThin ATB100 is one of our latest generation products, and it has been optimized to combat thermal runaway via superior high temperature thermal response.  It is ideal for applications where a firmer compressive response is desirable.  It is available in a 2, 3, and 5 mm thickness.  

Pyrothin ATB 1000 - Insulation for Thermal Runaway

PyroThin™ ATB1000

PyroThin ATB1000 delivers the utmost in low thermal conductivity, and was developed to address the most severely space constrained applications.  PyroThin ATB 1000 is ideal for applications where ultra-low thermal conductivity at high temperatures, thin form factors, ultra low weight, and greater compressibility is demanded.  It is available in 2, 3, and 5mm thickneeses.

detailed EV battery pack

Ultra-Thin Solutions Support Drive Range Targets

Consumer demand for increased drive range is causing OEMs to pursue ever increasing cell energy density, increased battery packing density, lower weight, and more efficient thermal management.  At the same time, more stringent regulatory and manufacturer mandated battery safety requirements are being imposed.  Our lightweight and ultra-thin PyroThin thermal and fire barrier materials can help you meet your safety goals, while supporting the customer's demand for increased drive range.

Electric Vehicle Applications


PyroThin thermal barriers placed between pouch or prismatic cells in lithium ion battery systems can provide precious minutes of protection from an adjacent cell that is undergoing thermal runaway.


When used inside of the battery pack, PyroThin aerogel sheets can act as a thermal and fire barrier. They can help you meet regulatory and manufacturer mandated safety goals.


Thin thermal insulation for passenger comfort applications in electric vehicles and high temperature solutions for internal combustion engine exhaust and thermal management applications.

cell-to-cell thermal runaway

Cell-to-Cell Thermal Runaway Propagation Barriers

Ultra-thin, flexible PyroThin aerogel sheets are ideal solutions for use  between LiB cells and between modules for mitigating thermal runaway propagation. The low thermal conductivity of PyroThin thermal barriers, formulated with proprietary additives, can provide vehicle OEMs, cell manufacturers, module assemblers, and EV solution providers a superior passive solution to thermal runaway.

Pack Fire Protection

Battery Module Passive Fire Protection

Combined thermal insulation and fire protection of PyroThin aerogel sheets to isolate passenger interior space from high temperatures and other hazards during thermal runaway.

passanger comfort

Passenger Comforts Inserts

Electric vehicle manufacturers are constantly striving to increase driving range. Our ultra efficient PyroThin, Pyrogel®, Cryogel® and Spaceloft® aerogel sheets can help reduce the energy demands of air conditioning and heating systems, which supports your driving range goals.

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